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Welcome to the the Universal Design E-World: An interactive community for professionals, educators, and students interested in learning and contributing to the advancement of Universal Design.
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What is Universal Design

Universal design makes things more accessible, safer, and convenient for everyone. Also called “Design for All” or “Inclusive Design,” it is a philosophy that can be applied to policy, design and other practices to make products, environments and systems function better for a wider range of people. It developed in response to the diversity of human populations, their abilities and their needs. Examples of universal design include utensils with larger handles, curb ramps, automated doors, kneeling buses with telescoping ramps, houses with no-step entries, closed captioning in televisions, and the accessibility features incorporated into computer operating systems and software.

Purpose of Universal Design E-World

Universal Design E-World provides web based tools to support the "community of practice" in universal design. Conventional web pages can be constructed to provide permanent reference documents and links to other resources on the World Wide Web. A wiki engine allows the construction of interactive web pages and collaboration in development of documents. On line surveys can be organized using an online survey research and polling tool. The activities supported by UD E-World can be public or restricted to specific groups like the participants of a research project, a temporary work group or a special interest group in a professional organization. To avoid abuse, we are only providing access to registered users, even in the public areas, and reserve the right to bar any user who does not comply with our Terms of Use.

Production and Support

UD E-World was developed and is supported by the Center on Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA Center), University at Buffalo, State University of New York. It was established initially to support the activities of the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Design and the Built Environment (RERC-UD), a grant based at the IDeA Center and funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). UD E-World was developed using open source software and has been designed to meet the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative. See the Accessibility Page to learn more about these features.