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completes streets elements i.e people, bikes, cars, trees, etc.

Evaluting The Impact of Complete Streets Initiatives

Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
GOBike Buffalo

Complete Streets is an emerging urban planning paradigm that strives to balance the needs of pedestrians and
bicyclists with those of automobile drivers and transit users. A streetscape designed according to Complete Streets
often includes features such as traffic calming measures, designated bike lanes, and enhanced intersections that
facilitate pedestrian crossing. Over 600 municipalities in the United States have adopted Complete Streets (CS)
policies to date (Seskin, 2014).

This report thus provides a starting point for municipalities seeking to create a “report card” of indicators that
demonstrate the impact of their local Complete Streets initiatives. The chapters herein describe measures that assess
seven areas of impact: bicycle/pedestrian, citizen feedback, economic, environmental, health, multi-modal level of
service, and safety.

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The contents of this report were developed under a grant from the Civic Engagement and Public Policy research
initiative at the State University of New York at Buffalo.